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Lakewood, Texas is located in East Dallas, directly next to White Rock Lake, Dallas’ most recognizable landmark.  The Lakewood community comes together for many theatrical productions, community sporting events and sponsored picnics at White Rock Lake. Being one of Dallas’ finest areas, Lakewood apartments and homes are priced at some of the highest levels in the state and is generally filled with families raising children. The residents here usually fill positions in top-tier professions such as law, medicine and science.

Similar to the Highland Park area of Dallas, Lakewood has very few rental properties available. Apartments that do become available usually range in size from four to five bedrooms. Rental home are usually similar in size. Being such an affluent area, for those who reside in Lakewood with children it is not uncommon to enroll their children in Dallas’ acclaimed private education institutions. For parents who prefer public schooling, they also have the option of enrolling their children in the Dallas Independent School District for primary and secondary schooling.

There is a diverse selection of entertainment, dining and cultural attractions for the residents of Lakewood. These places include, the American Airline Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks, as well as the Dallas Arts District where the people of Dallas can enjoy theatrical productions, art viewings and much more. Click here to find out more about Lakewood, T.X., and what is has to offer.

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