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West Plano is one division of the larger city of Plano, the 9th largest community of Texas, along with its sister community, East Plano. Located in close proximity to Interstate 75, residents of West Plano have easy access to the large metropolitan areas of North Texas. Property sales and rental properties in West Plano are slightly more expensive compared to its companion, East Plano. Residents of this area are generously compensated with stable employment. West Plano is an ethnically diverse community with affluent individuals typically between the ages of 35 and 40.

Like East Plano, West Plano is a community filled with families who wish to raise their children out of the city. Most available properties in this area are relatively large in order to cater to these families. Rental apartments, on average, contain four to five rooms. Single individuals may have better luck finding an appropriate sized unit’s closer to the city rather than in Plano. Parents looking to enroll their children in school, the Plano Independent School District offers children in the area inclusive K-12 education.

Plano features a vast variety of shopping centers, fine and casual dining and entertainment options for its residents to enjoy. There are plenty of choices for both residents and visitors for weekend fun within city limits. To find out more about West Plano and all it has to offer, click here.

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