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    Our Moving Help Terms

    To qualify for MOVING HELP, rent must be at least $900 a month.

    • You must have discovered the rental property through us
    • The property must be paying us at least a 50% commission
    • You must not have officially visited the rental property before registering with us
    • You must have signed a 12-month or longer lease from a rental property in our database
    • You must not have lived at the complex before
    • You must list us on the lease,application, guest card, and lease agreement
    • You must not be transferring within the same apartment complex or transferring to a sister property
    • You must not break your lease or jeopardize your lease with bad conduct.

    Moving Help Disclaimers

    • All beds must be disassembled prior to the arrival of the movers.
    • Any additional pickup and drop-off locations charges are $20.00 per location and $1.20 per mile.
    • If you are moving beyond our move it service area, you must pay $1.20 per mile.
    • We are not responsible for packing – all boxes must be taped and sealed.
    • All items must be removed from furniture.
    • We are not responsible for damages to items within boxes.
    • We are not responsible for damages to particleboard furniture.
    • We are not responsible for water damage from connecting or disconnecting appliances.
    • We are not responsible for electrical damage from connecting or disconnecting appliances.
    • Breakable objects like mirrors and glass must be removed from furniture prior to the move.
    • A $75.00 per hour fee will be charged to you if the movers must wait for you to move.
    • We reserve the right to refuse to move any items we feel we cannot move safely.

    We are not a moving company, we are an apartment-locator (Realtor). We arrange your move for you and use only reputable moving companies who are insured to industry standards. We are not held liable for any losses or damages that may occur during your move. You are responsible for getting excess property insurance to safeguard your property during your move. Coverage is available from the moving company performing your move. Thank you for using us. We look forward to serving your needs.

    Besides serving as apartment finders, we also provide the services of a Dallas apartment mover and offer you help moving if you fulfill our criteria.

    Moving is one of the most difficult tasks involved in the process of apartment hunting. In order to make the move without any problem, people often hire the services of moving companies which match their situations and budget. During the search for the right Dallas apartment mover, people come across hundreds of them, and to choose the best one among them becomes a very difficult and stressful task.

    In order to find out the best Dallas apartment mover, people need to spend a lot of their time, energy and money. People in search of the right mover take anything from six to eight weeks to find out the best one. The search job becomes hectic at times as they have to collect the quotes and check out all the other important specifications from all the movers they come across.

    People often face problem with the quotes during their hunt for the right mover. Many movers charge more than the quotes which they provide initially and give a number reasons to validate their demands. One might also have to spend a lot of energy negotiating the prices, with a Dallas apartment mover.

    Before hiring a Dallas apartment mover, one has to collect information about a number of things like whether the movers are employees of the company or are they subcontracted, whether the quotes include both packing and moving or just moving, which services are not included in the quotes, what are the extra charges most likely to incur, etc. One might also have to check whether there are complaints against the selected Dallas apartment mover to check their reputation and whether they are legally allowed to provide the moving services.

    Besides the above mentioned factors, one of the main considerations which one needs to take while selecting a Dallas apartment mover is whether the company is reliable enough to be trusted with the valuable belongings

    However, when you include Dallas-Apartment.com in your apartment searching marathon, and meet certain criteria, you will be set free from the moving stress as we will provide you moving help. To get the details of our criteria, you can go through our ‘Our Move It Terms’ and ‘Move It Disclaimers’.