Do I have to pay anything to Dallas-Apartment?
No. Our service is absolutely FREE!!

Will the apartment I choose raise my rent to pay you a fee?
No. Our service is a less expensive way for apartments to advertise their property. They are happy that you found them through our free service, so they do not mind paying us a fee for our service to them.

When will I get the check?
Checks arrive approximately 2 – 12 weeks after your move-in date.

What if the apartment complex is not in your database?
We will not be able to send you rebate for properties not listed on our website. You must have learned about your new apartment from our website.

How do I claim my FREE rebate?
Please fill out our Rebate Form and submit. Once we receive your form, we will verify that you followed all the steps necessary to receive your Free Rebate.

Why do you offer a rebate back to me?
The property you choose is happy to receive a new tenant, so we get paid for advertising their property. To show our appreciation for using our Free service, we rebate a portion of your rent back to you!!

Please Note:
Only one rebate will be processed per lease.
Only one person can claim the rebate for that one unit.
If you have lived in the same complex before, you cannot qualify for the rebate.
If you transfer or move to a related property, you cannot quality for a rebate.

You must sign a lease of 12 months or more to quality for a rebate.

You will NOT be charged for this FREE service! The apartment you choose will pay us directly from their advertising budget.